Christmas Pics and update

>> Monday, December 28, 2009

Wow, this Christmas came and went so fast. We have so much to reflect on and be thankful for! Tomorrow marks the anniversary date of when Kamryn was diagnosed with CDH. I was only 13 weeks, and my joy of expecting twins, turned from joy and excitement to worry and tension!!! This Christmas season, I really took the time to look back at this last year, and thank God repeatedly for all the many blessings he has given our family. Shawn and I still can't believe that we have 3 daughters. I told my mom the other day that I will start believing that I have 3 girls when the twins start asking me for things. "Mommy, can I have...", "Mommy, I really need a...". LOL But, I know that when that starts happening, and when Hollie is a pre-teen, as frustrating and worrisome as it will be, I will enjoy every second of it. At least, I will try to... But, for now, here is an update. Brooke is rolling over both ways completely! Kamryn's still working on it. She's so close to rolling over back to front though. Brooke loves to stick her tongue out and spit. She thinks it's hilarious. And frankly, so do we. Kamryn giggles when you tickle her, and it's the cutest laugh ever. Hollie is growing taller and testing my patience every day, but she is still delightful as always!

Below are some pictures taken over the holidays...

These are my 3 girls. The lights of my life!




Here is a picture of the keyboard that Santa brought Hollie. She LOVES it. She wants to start taking piano lessons in the Spring.

Kamryn in exersaucer at Gammy's...

Hollie and Maya

Maya and Kamryn

Hollie presents

Hollie and Daddy being silly as always!

Shawn's only gift. Uncle Bob played a mean trick on Shawn this year, and put all of Shawn's gifts in his own pile. The gifts he gave to Shawn, he labeled it to Uncle Bob, From Shawn. They are always pulling pranks on each other at Christmas time. It's fun!

Mimi and Papa came to visit us the day after Christmas. Shawn made an amazing dinner of Chicken Fried Steak, but it was venison (he shot bambi this hunting season). It was surprisingly delicious!!! I don't think we spoke the entire meal, b/c everyone was devouring in the awesome dinner!!! My hubby can cook!!! Here is Papa reading to Brooke and Kamryn. Kamryn is falling asleep in his arms. So sweet!

These last few are of the girls last night. You can tell by the last picture that we are all pooped!!!

I can't help but sing "Let's get physical..." by Olivia Newton John when I see this picture.

That is a full jar of sweet potatoes (her absolute favorite) in front of her. I can't believe she fell asleep while eating. I was feeding Brooke about two spoonfuls, and turned to Kamryn and she was out like a light. So darn cute!

We are all sick with colds and congestion, and are looking forward to the sniffly and runny noses to go away!

It blows me away that the twins are 6 1/2 months old already and Hollie is turning 8 on Saturday! I guess this means that I'm getting older too. Ugh!!!! 2009 has been a year of celebration for us, and we are truly thankful to God for our entire family and friends.


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