1st Day of 3rd Grade

>> Monday, August 23, 2010

Today, Hollie started 3rd grade. I cannot believe I have a 3rd grader. She was nervous this morning and hardly touched her breakfast, but she was soooo excited to walk out the door. When she woke up this morning, I had put signs up all over the house telling her that she was going to rock in the 3rd grade. I put one in the refridgerator and in the pantry even. The note on the door in the picture below says "You are going to SHINE this year! Love, Mom, Dad, Brooke and Kamryn". She loved them, and it eased the nerves quite a bit.

Below are pictures of the twins. These next two are Kamryn. I brushed her hair right after her bath, and the curls are OUT OF CONTROL!!! Look at the second one!!!

Hollie and Kamo


The twins still aren't walking yet. They turned 14 months on the 17th, and the can walk while holding onto things, but can't walk on their own yet. Brooke doesn't even like to try, unless she's holding onto your fingers. Kamryn can take about 2 steps, and then just falls face first. Hollie didn't walk until she was 14 1/2 months old, so I give it another week. I'm not worried about it.
Kamryn's favorite word for everything is "Dada". She calls everyone and everything "dada". She loves to point and try to say words. If you say a word, she really tries to copy you. When I ask her to say Brooke, she says "Ka". Brooke has her own language. She still babbles and says, "digga digga" a lot! They say Mama sometimes, but not a lot. When I ask Kamryn to say the word "dog", she says, "dogah". It's cute. They love to watch Baby Einstein movies (especially Brooke). Brooke is still very independent and Kamryn is quite the opposite. Their favorite game to play with each other is "peek a boo" with the farm that my mom got them for Christmas. They get on either side of it, look at each other over the top and through the little door. They laugh so hard, it's hysterical.
As soon as they start walking, we will be sure to post videos of it.

That's about it.


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