CDH Information

>> Thursday, April 30, 2009

I wanted to let everyone know about a project that I have been working on since Kamryn was diagnosed with CDH. It's actually a work in progress and will continue as I gain more information, but I think it is at a place where I feel comfortable distributing it. When we first learned about Kamryn's situation, I researched everything I could in an effort to understand what we are dealing with and how we would "fix" it. There really is a great deal of information out there on CDH but it is scattered, uses a lot of big words outside of my level of education, and didn't answer a lot of questions we had as parents. As a result, I created a document that attempts to simplify CDH and everything that is involved with the care of this condition. It is up to 18 pages at this point and will likely grow as I learn more after delivery.

The pdf of the document is located on the left hand side of the blog under the heading CDH Information. You can click on the "click here" link and the pdf should pull up. This is our attempt to contribute to the CDH community after everything they have done for us and my hope is that it will be useful for parents who have recently been diagnosed and are looking for answers.

If you get a chance to read it, especially any CDH parents out there, I would welcome any feedback about the document and if I am missing key pieces that others would find helpful.

Our appointment yesterday with Dr. Trylovich went very well and everything looks normal. Both Kamrym and Brooke are measuring right around 30 weeks which is right on target. We were a little surprised when she said Stef is measuring 38 weeks, but it had more to do with how they were positioned at that point. Dr. Trylovich said there is still plenty of room for them to grow and her gut says we will deliver somewhere around 36-37 weeks. That is where we thought we would likely deliver also so no surprise there. Stef is still uncomfortable, but doing really well on bedrest.

Thanks again for all the prayers and support! We really appreciate all of you so much.



Crazy weekend!!

>> Monday, April 27, 2009

Well, the weekend started off with Hollie's soccer game at 9:15 on Saturday morning. After I got them ready for the game, and sent them off, I sent myself back to bed. The next thing I knew I woke up to Hollie by my bedside announcing with the biggest, sweetest grin that she scored a goal. She was so proud of herself. I was too! Then, Shawn spent the rest of the early afternoon doing yardwork, while I started getting B and K's room organized. All of a sudden, while I was in the den folding the baby towels, Shawn came inside and told me to go outside with him. He brought me around to the back, and the whole time, he had this look on his face like, "you're not going to like this". I was freaking out. I freaked out even more when I saw the HUGE bee cluster on Hollie's trampoline. The same trampoline that she had been jumping on that morning. Apparently, they travel fast, because they weren't there when she was jumping. I was watching her. The cluster was about 2 feet by 2 feet by 2 feet. It was so big, that it wrapped around underneath the trampoline, and then draped down like a curtain. Shawn called the bee people and they gave him the quote of $100 to get rid of them. More than he was willing to spend of course. Me on the other hand, I told him that it was a great deal, and to just do it. He decided to wait it out, and see if the rain we were supposed to have all weekend make them go away. Well, it didn't start raining until today (Monday).

So we decided to go ahead and go to Target to spend our gift certificate money that we've received at my baby showers. We ended up getting the car seat protectors, clothes hamper, more crib sheets, socks and a few other things. Not too bad. We came back home; bees are still there.

So, yesterday, we woke up, and spent the morning lounging around in bed for a little bit. We finally got out of bed, and went to Babies R Us to spend the rest of that money. We ended up getting both car seats, and a few other necessities. I can't tell you how awesome the gift certificate money is coming in handy. Thank you everyone!!! It's really been so wonderful to have them!

So, we get back from Babies R Us, and I decided to finish getting B & K's room ready. Hollie was so sweet to help me organize the onesies, and hang them up. She really did a good job contributing to making their room special. I even let her decide which baby gets what crib. Again, I want her to feel as big a part of this as possible. She said that if the babies argue about it when they get home, then we can switch. LOL! Well, after a while, Hollie got bored with helping, so I took her position on the floor to finish organizing, etc. I think I spent way too much time on the floor, b/c as I was getting up, I threw my back out. I now understand what it feels like when my husband throws his out. It's the most excrutiating pain I have ever felt. There is nothing I can do to get comfortable. I can't wait for this pain to fade. It's pretty bad. Bubba, from now on, every time your back goes out, I'm at your beck and call. I get it now!!!

So, as Shawn's getting ready for his soccer game last night, he gets a call from the bee people. Shawn actually had them talked down to $50, and they came out on a Sunday to get rid of them. Mama was a happy camper. It was actually really interesting to watch. He just got the whole hive, including the queen and put them in this wooden box. The straggler bees weren't too happy with him, and were swarming him like crazy. Thankfully, he had his bee suit on, and he was protected. I'm happy to say, they are GONE!

So, last night, we are finally asleep. All of a sudden, the dog started barking a weird bark. It was different from someone just walking by the front window. I woke up Shawn and he let Trigger outside, and Hollie came downstairs, coughing like Shawn's never heard her cough before. It alarmed him, and he gave her some cough medicine. For some reason, I guess it was a mother's instinct, but I got up and walked in there to check on her. I noticed her breathing was really shallow, and I could tell that it was hard for her to breathe. The longer this went on, the more freaked out she became and the worse her cough/breathing became. I have heard that Croup coughs sound like seals barking, and that's exactly what it sounded like. I told Shawn we needed to take her to the ER. I was wide awake, and in back pain anyway. It actually feels better to move around, so I offered to take her to the ER, so that Shawn could get some sleep. Thankfully, there weren't any other patients in there and we didn't have to wait long. I was able to calm Hollie down in the car on the way over there, so that made her cough and breathing better. She didn't have a fever either, thank goodness. They confirmed it was Croup, and gave her some medicine, and released us. She's home with me today, and she's actually feeling pretty good. They did say that Croup actually rears its ugly head more so at night, so her cough is just a little raspy. Not really a bark like last night.

That's it for now. We have an OB appt. Wednesday morning, and I think we're going to try to talk about an actual induction date. At least, if not this week, then we will next week with our MFM, Dr. Zaretsky next week. Will continue to keep everyone updated.

Much Love,


Cardiologist Appointment

>> Friday, April 24, 2009

The anxiety we feel every time we go to an appointment is overwhelming and today was no different. We had our second Cardiologist appointment today to get more conclusive evidence about the structure and function of Brooke and Kamryn's hearts. It's important to know that there isn't a heart defect before birth as this would only complicate an already critical situation. The first time we went to see Dr. Day, he wasn't able to see every part of Brooke's heart due to her position so he wanted to have the appointment today to make sure all was clear. Walking in, there was that nagging feeling that something new might show up and throw us another challenge that I am just not sure we are prepared to deal with emotionally. We were blessed with a wonderful report that everything looks perfect structurally and both hearts function like they should. We are both incredibly relieved. I think we now know everything we are dealing with and there shouldn't be any surprises (until they are born).

I talked about our experience after our first appointment with Dr. Day and just have to say again how impressed we were with him and his staff. I truly think we would be completely crazy at this point if we didn't have such amazing doctors caring for us. Dr. Day spent so much time with us and explained everything that he was looking at and also spent a good deal of time explaining how the heart and lungs function together in CDH babies and the complications that go along with that. He's just an amazing doctor and person.

We have setup an additional MRI at 33 weeks to get a more conclusive answer to the liver position along with better lung volume numbers. Our first MRI in Houston wasn't all that clear due to noise in the images and while Houston believes 15% of it is in the chest, the medical team here in Dallas isn't ready to come to the same conclusion. I think with better images they will be able to tell for certain. The test obviously doesn't change anything including the care and outcome, but will possibly prepare us better for what we might be facing.

Overall I think Stef and I are holding up pretty well given everything in front of us. I do feel myself getting more scared and anxious because we are getting close. For months I have wanted to get on with the show and tackle this, but as we get close I want to put the brakes on. The babies are perfectly fine right now in Stef and a part of me wishes it could stay that way so they could be safe. I am worried about how I am going to hold up and how well I will be able to give up control. I hate not being in control of a situation. I have learned through this experience to appreciate life and the blessings we have so much more than I used to. As I learn to appreciate it more, my fear increases at the thought of losing a child. I haven't lost my optimism, but I have tried to remain as realistic as possible. There has been so much sadness in the CDH community these past few weeks and it makes the horrible possibility of losing Kamryn all the more real. I don't like to admit it, but I am honestly more scared than I think I have ever been in my life including my testicular cancer episode. Never thought anything would compare to that, but I have learned to never say never.

I can't end this without acknowledging what an incredibly strong and determined wife I have. I can see her in so much discomfort everyday and sat next to her on the bed during the tests today knowing that she was so uncomfortable. She doesn't complain and takes everything as it comes with a great attitude. She's incredibly strong and I am proud to be her husband. Love you Stef!



Kaden Alex Kuehl

>> Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I know many of you were following the journey of Baby Kaden and will share in our sadness that Kaden lost his battle with CDH after a long and courageous 17 day fight. Please keep Kristi and Craig and the entire Kuehl family in your thoughts and prayers as they try to find understanding and meaning out of this incredibly sad outcome.

Kristi and Craig, you are an amazing couple and we are so saddened by your loss. Please know you and your entire family are in our thoughts and prayers.


Good Week

>> Friday, April 17, 2009

Stephanie had a shower this week at her office and we were simply stunned at how many people blessed us with gifts in preparation of these two little girls. The outpouring of support and generosity really put Stef on top of the world. She needed that and on behalf of both of us I want to thank the employees of Dr. Pepper Snapple Group for everything they have done over these past months. They have been nothing short of amazing!

We had a couple of really great appointments this week with our OB's. Even when we get bad news we walk out of those appointments so confident that our little girls are in the most competent hands we could ask for. We have truly been blessed with our doctors and they continue to confirm that we made the right choice to stay in Dallas. We saw Dr. Zaretsky on Thursday and both girls are measuring right where they should be. Stephanie was at 28 weeks on Wed and Kamryn measured 28wk 0 days and Brooke was 28wk 1 day. The fluid levels are both looking really good and her cervix shows no sign of letting these babies out anytime soon. What totally blew us away was the Lung to Head ratio we came up with. We actually calculated it a number of times using both cm and mm just to make sure the number was right. Through all the separate measurements, we were getting a range of 2.0 - 2.4 LHR. We want this to be over 1.4 and we clearly are doing well on that measurement. Kamryn's liver was much more echogenic than it has been in the past, but we still couldn't see that it was in the chest. There may be a very small amount there, but it is very small. We were really optimistic after the sonogram.

We did find out that Stef's blood pressure is higher than it needs to be and that caused some concern. Between that and the discomfort she is in, Dr. Zaretsky felt it would be a good idea to make this week her last week at work. Stef is officially on bed rest now so that we make sure these girls stay put for as long as possible.

Our appointment with Dr. Trylovich today went very well also. Stef is measuring 35 weeks right now although she is only 28. All of the discomfort is totally normal and we learned some ways to help with some of that which was great. Apparently a baby belt or strap would help relieve some of the pressure. I'll be making a run to home depot tonight to grab some duct tape. That should hold those babies up just fine.

In all seriousness, I think the reality that we are getting close to having our world turned upside down is setting in. Not just for Stef and I, but also Hollie. She asked me while we were driving a couple weeks ago if Kamryn could die and what would we do if she died. That's a tough question to comprehend as a parent, but I can't imagine what it's like for a 7 year old. I had to explain the harsh reality of the situation in the gentlest way possible. My heart just broke for her as I can see how scared she has become with everything going on.

Any family that has gone through CDH can tell you the waiting game is nothing short of terrible. For so many months you want to get on with the show and get to delivery to finally understand how this will play out. As you get close though, the fear and anxiety really starts to take over and you wish they could just stay in mommy. I wish we could put the brakes on, but we can't and that day will be here before we know it. I take comfort in knowing we have found the best team to beat this condition. I think that is all we can do. I know it's time to truly understand that we have to give up control, but that's easier said then done. The bottom line is this really sucks, but it is the hand we have been dealt and we will overcome it while strengthening our family and finding a deeper appreciation for all the blessings we have.

One of those blessings is the amazing support group we have found in everyone who keeps up with our story. The comments and emails do more than you will ever know to keep us going and our spirits up. We sincerely appreciate all of you!

Our next appointment is with the Pediatric Cardiologist next week to check on their hearts. Everything looked great last time, but they want to do one more check. I hope everyone has a great weekend and thanks again for all of the support and kindness.

Please keep Baby Jaime and Baby Kaden in your thoughts and prayers. They are putting up such a great fight and need continued support.




>> Sunday, April 12, 2009

Well, this weekend was a nice one. Shawn, Hollie and I drove to Waco Saturday morning to spend Easter weekend with my sister, her husband Terry, her daughter Madelyn, my mom and step dad. As soon as we got there, they made me sit in Terry's recliner, and I pretty much stayed there the whole visit. It was WONDERFUL! Their dog Nigel kept me company though. He's a great little lap dog, and I think our pets Trigger and Sadie would be VERY jealous. LOL!

For dinner, my sister made my step dad's famous spaghetti. She really out did herself. This is a meal that takes pretty much all day long to cook, and she did a fabulous job. Jennifer, the meal was terrific, thank you!!

After dinner, the girls decorated Easter eggs, and then watched a movie.

This morning, the girls had Easter baskets waiting for them. Yeah, more chocolate. That's exactly what they need!!! LOL! They also hunted Easter Eggs indoors this year, since it stormed last night. After the egg hunt, my mom made her infamous Creamed Eggs for breakfast, and then we went ahead and hit the road. We wanted to be sure to beat all the Easter traffic. I'm glad we did. It only took us 2 hours to get home, and that's with me stopping to use the restroom twice too. Not bad. After we got home, we ran a few errands, and then came back home. I finally got around to touching up the rest of the polka dots in the girls room, so Shawn put up one of the cribs. I also hung up some of their clothes as well. I can't wait to get that room all organized and everything in its place. We aren't doing any more traveling, so I think next weekend will be a great time to start that. I'm so excited.

We have two doctor's appointments this week. One is with Dr. Zaretsky, our MFM, and the other is with our OB, Dr. Trylovich. I'm going to go ahead and tell them that I'm about done with work. Walking is getting pretty painful on my pelvis all the time now, and I really feel like I should be resting a little more. Thankfully, I'll be able to work a little from home. That's a very good thing!

That's about it for us. I better get Hollie's dinner finished. Tonight.... PIZZA! Yeah!

Please also continue to keep Kaden in your prayers. They are weaning him off ECMO today, and we just pray that he is able to continue to fight this battle!!!

With love,


Shower Time

>> Wednesday, April 8, 2009

So, last Saturday was my first shower. OMG, it was AMAZING!!! The hostesses were Angel, Jennifer (my sister), Paige, Jackie, Alicia and Jana. They all did such a terrific job, I'm still getting over how awesome it was. Angel's mantel was decorated with a clothes line hanging with girlie onesies! 2 of each one, so cute! She also made this amazing diaper cake, and stuffed little baby gifts in the ribbon that held everything together. Jana made the beautiful cake, which was so pretty and TASTED SO GOOD! I could go on and on and on about how wonderful it was. My sister gave the babies each a quilt that she hand made. It's actually kind of funny, but she picked out the colors of the quilt, before I chose the colors for their room, and they just happen to match. They are so beautiful. I can't wait to show them. My mom also made Hollie a quilt (uh mom, where's mine???). Kidding. It's really pretty too, and Hollie loved it. We're posting pictures of these things and much more below. Oh, and, so much for wearing black to make myself look slim. Oh man, I am HUGE!!!

The babies got so many cute things, and I can't wait to dress them in all the clothes that were given to them. Hollie had a good time as well. I tried to make it a special day for her. Two nights before, I went and got her a silver and pearl beaded bracelet with a silver heart charm on it. On one side, it said "Big Sis Hollie" and the other side, it said Brooke/Kamryn 2009. She was so genuine when she opened it. I could tell that it really meant a lot to her. Which, meant the world to me!!!

I'm not sleeping well at night, so I took today off to rest. Did I sleep? Of course not. I can't seem to find a comfortable spot. Then, I started feeling guilty for just sitting there watching tv, so I got up to fold some laundry. I mean, it's not like I'm sick or anything. Just really tired. I realize the importance of sleep/rest and making sure that the babies stay safe inside my belly for a little while longer. But, I just feel bad for some reason. Don't worry, when I'm officially on bed rest, I'll stay put, taking occasional breaks to get up and walk around.

I'm an emotional mess too. I cried during a Disney movie (The Parent Trap) that Hollie and I were watching the other day. I've seen it so many times, and I still cried. I realize it's hormones, but I'm just sooooo emotional. Why can't our hormones make us giggle, instead of cry???

That's about it for now. While I'm at Bible Study, Shawn's going to work on putting the shower pictures below. I wish I could post all of them, but there are a ton. (Paige, I can't thank you enough for taking so many pictures. They're awesome!!!)

Still praying for baby Kaden.

Love, Stephanie


Children's Dallas Visit

>> Friday, April 3, 2009

We are so happy that Baby Kaden arrived this morning at 6:05 and is stable right now at UCSF. It sounds like Kristi is doing well and recovering. You can follow their story by clicking on the link "Our CDH Journey with Baby Kaden". Please continue to pray for this family and for Baby Kaden as they begin the fight to overcome his CDH condition.

The visit today at Children's Dallas went really well. The format of the consult was much better than we experienced in Houston. We started off with a tour of the NICU and L&D and as we expected, the facilities are not quite as good as we would like. It's just not a real family friendly environment and the space in the NICU is pretty tight with no privacy at all. The hospital is pretty old so all of that is to be expected. While the facility itself is not what we would have chosen, we could tell the Doctors and Nurses were outstanding. We met so many wonderful people who were sincerely interested in answering our questions and really took time to help us visualize what our experience would be like. Honestly, the part that really hit me was seeing an ECMO machine in use on a baby. I don't think I was ready for that, but know I needed to see it to get prepared for this possibility.

After the tour we had our meeting with the entire team. We really liked the format of having everyone in the room (Neonatology, MFM, Pediatric Surgeon, Radiologist, Resuscitation team, NICU nurses, etc) and everyone able to get on the same page. It was pretty impressive to have more than 10 extremly important healthcare professionals in the room at one time to talk about our case. We started off looking at the MRI images on the projection screen and talking about where the organs were located. The biggest surprise was that the radiologist didn't necessarily agree that the liver was up. This was huge news for us. We still don't know for sure, but it looks very promising that the liver is down and even if it is up it must be a really small amount. I feel like there is evidence that this can correlate to outcome so we were very excited about the news. The images themselves were less than ideal so we discussed possibly doing another one at 34 weeks. We will make that decision in the next few weeks.

Everyone in the room took so much time with us explaining what would happen and what they anticipated with our case. It really was a great experience and we now know that Dallas is where we are supposed to deliver. We were so thankful to have Dr. Zaretsky there with us and to our surprise, Dr. Savani was able to catch a flight back from Canada in time for the meeting. These two keep us grounded and their presence makes this situation so much more bearable. I doubt they will ever understand how much they have done for us, but we would truly be lost without them.

Overall, the team was optimistic about the outcome of this case and we feel confident in putting Kamryn in their care. Feels great to get that decision behind us and can turn our attention to other things.

Stephanie has her shower tomorrow so her mom and sister are in town along with one of her best friends Jackie. Tomorrow and Sunday I will be at the Nascar race with Scott and Matt so we both have something to keep us distracted and allow us to unwind a little bit.

Thanks again to everyone for all of the continued support and prayers. All of you continue to keep us uplifted and hopeful. Thank you!

Shawn and Stephanie


OB Appointment

>> Thursday, April 2, 2009

Whenever you are dealing with a serious medical condition and can walk out of a Doctor's appointment smiling, it has been a good day! We went to our OB appointment with Dr. Trylovich this afternoon and had a sono with Ginger. Ginger is great! It really is nice to have someone talk about everything they are seeing on the screen and spend so much time answering our questions by showing us with the sonogram. She spent a lot of time with us just explaining their orientation and where we are likely feeling each baby kick. All of our measurements are normal and they are still growing at the rate of a singleton. This was really great to hear and the gap between them in size is very small. Ginger was able to get some great profile pictures that we updated in the slide show.

Our nurse, Mary, took some blood for Stef's glocose test which should come back in a few days. I hate seeing blood getting drawn, so Mary and Stef got a good laugh as I almost passed out. It's just not my thing.

After all of that we were able to meet with Dr. Trylovich and she was incredible as always. When we talk about the babies or Stef you can just tell she is an incredibly good and knowledgeable OB and Doctor and it just makes us so much more confident in the care we are receiving. She can then switch gears and we are talking about other stuff like we would at happy hour kicking back and relaxing and having a great time. That's the best way I can explain it. I am going to owe all of our Doctor's and Nurse's a few rounds when this is all over so that's a good thing. She is just a really neat lady and we appreciate her so much.

The pelvic pain Stef has been having is totally normal and expected since she is measuring 33 weeks when we are actually 26 weeks. This is normal though with twins, just very uncomfortable. As long as we can plan the c-section and all goes as planned, Dr. Trylovich will definitely be there to assist in the delivery of the girls which really made our day.

We ended the appointment with talking about tomorrow which is a really big day for us at Children's in Dallas. I think we are both a bit anxious about it. Since we have a pretty solid understanding of what's going on I don't think we are anxious about the meeting with the team, but the facility itself. We may be pleasantly surprised so we are trying to stay as optimistic as possible.

There is a very nice family that will have a big day tomorrow and we would like to ask everyone to send positive thoughts and prayers their way. Kristi and Craig will deliver their baby Kaden tomorrow morning and Kaden's fight will begin. They are a sweet family who have meant so much to us during these past few months. They all need our support tomorrow and in the days that follow. You can follow their story by clicking on the blog link on the right of our page titled "Our CDH Journey with Baby Kaden".

That's all for now. We'll post after our appointment tomorrow.

Take care,


It's a little different with TWINS!

>> Wednesday, April 1, 2009

There is one question that I've been hearing a lot lately. And that is, "Does it feel different being pregnant with two, rather than one?". In the beginning there was no difference. And about half way through, the biggest difference was the size of my belly. I definitely started showing around 10-12 weeks. I know two people that are due one month ahead of me, and I'm bigger than them. So, there's that difference. And now I can feel them move, and I can tell who is who. But, in all honesty, being pregnant with Hollie was soooo easy compared to this one. I was never nauseated, I really didn't even start to show until I was about 5 1/2 months pregnant. And it wasn't until the last 2 weeks of the pregnancy that I started to pee all the time, and get really uncomfortable. And I had her at 41 weeks gestation. She just made it really easy on her mama. Well, I'm 26 weeks today, and two people within the last two days have asked me if I have "2 in there". I'm HUGE. I feel like a balloon! A parade balloon. The gas pains have started, and the discomfort has been there, especially in the pelvic region for the last 2-3 weeks or so, and only getting worse. And of course, no sleep at night. So, those are just a few of the differences…

I have my regular OB appointment tomorrow afternoon. I always look forward to seeing both babies on the sono, and watching them wiggle and squirm. I also love talking with my Dr. Trylovich, because we never feel rushed, and we always feel like she takes such great care of me. I'm going to talk to her tomorrow about my swelling feet, pelvic pain, etc. She told me that usually pregnant women with twins go on bed rest around 28 weeks. I'm going to try my hardest to make it to at least 30 weeks. But, man, I'm getting to that miserable stage - FAST! I feel like if I could bring our recliner from home and work from it all day, I'd be a happy camper.

Friday is our big appointment with Children's and Parkland Hospitals. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone and especially seeing where I will deliver and where Kamryn will spend her first few months of life. I'm anxious to ask questions like, "Will Brooke be able to touch her sister after they are born" and "How soon will I be able to hold Kamryn", etc. We are both especially looking forward to meeting everyone and being reassured that this is the place where we should deliver.

Since I've been pregnant, I've become a constant worrier. I constantly worry about Hollie and how she'll be after the babies are born. I worry about Kamryn and her health. I also worry about Brooke, and that people will forget that she's just as special as her two sisters. This week, I've been worrying a lot about the day of delivery. I know Shawn will go with Kamryn and be with her, which is what I want. But, I'm kind of scared that I'll be alone with Brooke and no one will be there with me, b/c they'll be waiting to hear news from Shawn about Kamryn. I just fear that Brooke is being forgotten in all of this, and she is just as important as Kamryn and Hollie. I know that worrying does nothing good for me. And I also know that I should be giving all of these concerns to my Father. But, I'm human, and I still worry. I feel like I have given Kamryn's situation to Him, and that it is all in His hands. Only He knows what will happen to her. And I'm okay with that. I just remember being pregnant with Hollie thinking whatever happens, happens. Not so with these two little ones! Not at all!

Lastly, my first baby shower is this Saturday. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am. My friends and sister, Angel, Jennifer, Jackie, Paige, Alicia and Jana are working so hard on it, and I can't wait to post pictures, because I know it will be spectacular. I'm especially excited because Hollie is going to be there with me helping. She had a hard time deciding what she wanted to do, b/c she has a soccer game at the exact same time. I left the decision entirely up to her. It took her a good day to make up her mind. As soon as she told me yesterday that she decided she wanted to go to the shower with me, I told her how happy I was, b/c I need help opening presents. She asked if she could unwrap all the taped ones with wrapping paper, b/c those are her favorite. I told her of course. She's so excited. I told her we have to be sure to act like a lady, and be a big girl the whole time. Should be interesting. I'm just so excited about seeing all of my friends and family, and celebrating with them, these two special lives.

That's all for now. Shawn will most likely be on tomorrow to post about our OB appt. tomorrow.

Love, Stephanie


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