9 Months Old! How is that possible???

>> Friday, March 19, 2010

Well, the girls turned 9 months old on Wednesday. I am just in awe at how fast the time has flown and how beautiful they are. However, I thought caring for a set of twins was hard, but, it's even harder with a broken foot and toe. (fell down two steps) I am having to wear this really heavy boot on my left foot (I swear this thing weighs 100 pounds) and a lovely little shoe on my right foot to support my right toe. Carrying the babies around the house and up and down the stairs is tough to do with this little bump in the road. I have about 4 more weeks of this bliss too!

Anyway, the girls are getting so big, literally. We went to the doctor yesterday for their well visit and Brooke weighs 24 pounds. She's off the chart for height and weight. Kamryn weighs 19 pounds and is in the 50th percentile for height and weight. They called her "average". I think she's anything BUT average.

They are both getting on their hands and knees and want to crawl, but when they look up at me, they just have this look like, now what do we do???

Kamryn has been sick for the last 2-3 weeks. The twins both had a sinus infection, and were put on an antibiotic. Brooke got well pretty quickly. But, Kamryn didn't. I took her back to the doctor and they switched her antibiotic. She had this persistant cough that wouldn't go away. So, I took her back on Sunday morning, and they diagnosed her with mild asthma (not cdh related) and put her on breathing treatments. Her cough still didn't budge. So, yesterday, we took them in for their well visit, and the doctor finally put her on a steroid. Hopefully this work! The good news is, there is only slight wheezing, but no fluid in the lungs.

Yesterday, after the doctor's appointment, I got them home and put them into their high chairs. The doctor said I'm supposed to be feeding them 3 times a day in their high chair now. Can I just tell you how inconvenient that is, especially when you're in a hurry??? I have been feeding them dinner in their high chair, but nothing too challenging. Well, yesterday we tried macaroni and cheese. The pictures below best describe how that went. Brooke was more fascinated that she got to hold her spoon, but Kamryn was not happy with me AT ALL!!!

So, below are a few pics... This was taken this morning. Brooke is always smiling and laughing!

Here's the macaroni experiment! You want me to eat WHAT???

She hates me!

Trying to figure out how to put the mac and cheese on the spoon and then into her mouth!

These were taken just a few days ago. Right before I took them, Brooke clobbered Kamryn in the head with a toy.

Look at those thunder thighs!

Happy Spring everyone!

Love, Stephanie


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