Playdate with Kamryn's nurse

>> Friday, February 25, 2011

This morning, I met one of Kamryn's primary nurses at the mall for a mini playdate. Oh, it was so much fun seeing her. The last time we saw her was on Brooke and Kamryn's 1st birthday, when we took them up to the nicu for our 1st annual visit. That was last June. Oh, how time flies. It was like Kamryn knew exactly who she was. She usually is shy in a strange setting, and sticks to me, but with Traci, she was so comfortable with her.

It was so wonderful seeing you Traci. You look great and Brooke and Kamryn LOVED seeing you too.

Update on Brooke... We had ECI come out to the house to see if she needs speech therapy. The week they came out to the house, was the week Brooke started talking more and more. She's about even, if not farther ahead than Kamryn with her words. She's still a few months behind with her communication and some cognitive developments, but she's quickly moving along.

They both love to color, but I think they love to put the crayons in their mouth more. But, the artwork that they are creating for me are priceless.

They are 20 months now. So hard to believe that they are almost 2. They are trying to talk in sentences. Go bye-bye, go nite-nite, and Kamryn's favorite... "getta getta take a bath?" So fun!!!

That's about it. I'm looking forward to Easter. It should be interesting to see how they do with the Easter Baskets and finding eggs.

Much love to all,


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