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>> Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hi everyone! I know, I'm horrible with updates. But, below are pictures that were taken within the last 3 days. The girls are getting so big. Kamryn was able to sit up before Brooke, but once Brooke saw that, she quickly learned. They aren't crawling or pulling up yet, but I believe it's in their near future. They had their first tug-a-war over a toy the other day. And as cute as I thought it was, I knew that I wouldn't think that way for long. I'm sure they are going to have lots of sisterly "arguments" in their lifetime. Anyway, enjoy the pictures!!!

This one was taken just a minute ago after their nap (which they are now taking together at the same time in their cribs -- FINALLY!!!)

This was taken last night. This was a basketball toy that Gammy got them for Valentine's Day. They LOVE this toy!!!

And here they are on the farm. Mimi got them this for Christmas, and they think this is so great. Lots of things for them to push and pull and make lotsa noise!!!

That's all for now. We're on our way to the doctor for the 2nd go round of H1N1 shots. Yeah!!!


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