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>> Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Oh I can't believe that a whole month has gone by without posting a thing. The twins and Hollie have me so busy right now. I'm so sorry!!! Brooke and Kamryn are truly busy trying to learn every word in the English Dictionary. I think the "Terrible Twos" have started, because their favorite word right now is "NO". Although, when one of them sneezes, the other is sure to say, "Bess Ooo". They are quick to tell me "All Done" when they have finished eating in their high chairs. And, although they have nicknamed Hollie as "Lala", they have learned to say Hollie.

Here are some pictures that I took of the girls yesterday. Kamryn wasn't having any of it. She kept telling me "no" when I asked her to sit next to Brooke.

That's really all for now. We are planning our first family vacation since we have had the twins. I can't wait!!!

More soon... Promise!



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