Brooke and Kamryn are TWO!!!

>> Sunday, June 19, 2011

Can you believe it??? Brooke and Kamryn turned 2 on Friday. We were on vacation in the Hill Country, so they spent their birthday having lunch with friends and family, and then driving back home. It was a long day, but we had a good time.

I have a TON of pictures to post. These first ones were taken for Father's Day gifts...

Hollie had an End of School slumber party a few weeks ago. We started out with a group of her friends at our beach club swimming pool, then back to our house for pizza and a sleep over. She ended up getting sick with a double ear infection that night, and the next morning. So she wasn't her usual chipper self. But, she and her friends still had a good time!

At the beach

Just after a silly string fight in the back yard.

Settling down for the night and watching the Justin Bieber movie.

So, we just got back from vacation. We went to the Hill Country with two other families and just had a nice relaxing time. It was a little difficult with the twins, just because they aren't quite at the independent age yet. But, they are so close. We stayed in this huge house that had 5 bedrooms, 5 1/2 bathrooms and two kitchens. We were on the San Saba River with a view that was just beautiful. The river was quite low, b/c they are going through one of the biggest droughts in years. But, we were still able to go down to it and explore. The house had a beautiful wrap around porch that was perfect for drinking coffee on in the mornings. The afternoons were super hot, but the girls spent all day in the pool cooling off. Here are a few pics.

This was our first full day. The guys were golfing, so the moms took the kids down to the river. Brooke didn't want ANY part in it, and Kamryn wanted to be let loose. She just wanted to GO!

Our house from the river...

Kamryn the adventurous one...

B and K scoping out their options.

This is how Hollie, Rylee and Shaye spent the majority of their vacation...

Hollie and Kamryn. Kamryn LOVED the pool. She didn't want to get out. When I would sit her on the edge, she would lunge forward into my arms. FEARLESS!

Hollie Rylee and Shaye after a long day of swimming...


Hollie Rylee and Shaye (it took several tries to get this one)

There were some pretty odd looking creatures out there. We called this one a cross between a spider, wasp and a scorpion. This is the country after all...

We had smores on the back porch the second to last night!

Our last day, we went into town to eat and go shopping.

The last night we were there, the owner took us for a "tour" of the wild game they keep there on the ranch. All the kids loaded up in the back of the truck (Brooke and Kamryn were with Shawn in my car following).

Our last night after the tour, Hollie got a hold of my camera!

I hope these pictures make up for me not taking the time out to keep up with the blog. It's been a really busy last couple of months with TAKS, school ending, summer camps and summer vacation. I'm hoping to relax a little this week.

Brooke and Kamryn are doing awesome. They are talking a bunch. They LOVE The Wiggles. They call them either the Biggles or the Giggles. When you sneeze, they both say, "Bess You". They love going outside, coloring on the sidewalk, and playing in their new car and tricycle that they got for their birthday.

Hollie is doing great too. She's already been to two camps. And has at least two more to go. I'm going to try to get her in a few more, just to keep her busy and active. Can't believe she's going into 4th grade. She had just finished 1st grade when the twins were born. Time is flying by!!!

Much love to you all!



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