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>> Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hi everyone! I hope and pray that everyone had a fabulous Easter. Ours was very low key, but fun. Below are pictures...

These first two were taken last week of Brooke right after her bath and without me brushing her hair. Check out how much hair she has. I think she actually has some curl in there.

Okay, here are Easter pictures. These dresses actually had matching hats, but Kamryn would have nothing to do with it. And Brooke's just kept falling over her eyes, so I went ahead and removed them. This is over at our neighbor's house, while the bigger kids were hunting easter eggs.

This has become a classic Kamryn smile. She squints her eyes, and crinkles her nose. It's adorable.

Here are the big kiddos, ready to go have their easter egg hunt. Hollie, Brady and Cole.

They had to line up on the curb before they started so that everyone would have a fair shot.

And they're off...

The easter egg hunt was quick, but fun. Angel, thank you so much for letting us come over to hunt eggs. We had fun!
Mimi and Papa came in for the weekend as well. Mom and I went to my cousin's baby shower, while Shawn and Papa took Hollie to her soccer game (she scored two goals by the way). The babies went with my mom and me. They were great and hardly fussed the whole time we were gone. It was a fun day, but tiring.
The babies still have colds. I'll be so glad when this Texas weather turns warm and stays that way. This constant temperature change is keeping them from getting better. I'll be so glad when the girls don't have runny noses any more.
That's about it. Have a fabulous Easter everyone!


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