7 Month Update and More!

>> Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Could they look any more tired??? This was Saturday night, and they had barely had a nap that day. Kamryn can't even hold her poor head up! Will take more in a few days and post them.

I can't believe the girls are 7 months already. The last 7 months of my pregnancy seemed to just drag! It's amazing how fast the time flies once they are here. Brooke's cutting another tooth on top. As soon as they are really visible, I'll take a picture and post it. She's a rolling queen! When I put her on the floor, she just goes and goes. She's also getting on all fours and starting to rock, so she's really getting ready to crawl. Kamryn is rolling too, just not quite as fast yet. But, she's getting there. She doesn't have any teeth yet, but she's certainly working on it. And the best news of all...... THEY ARE SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT! We're talking a good 12-13 hours. I'm finally sane again! LOL! Well, sorta!

Last weekend, Candice, Jackson Beal's mom, came in town for a visit. She's the sweetest girl, and she was so gracious and kind, even through all of our every day chaos! We loved having her visit, and Hollie was sad to see her leave. Here are a couple of pictures of her visit.

That same weekend, Jessica Singletary (Parker Reese Foundation), was also in Dallas. We met up for lunch, and it was so fun to finally meet her. Even if the visit was short, I loved visiting with her. Below is a picture...

That's all for now. More soon!


Happy 8th Birthday Holliebear!!!

>> Saturday, January 2, 2010

So, today is Hollie's birthday! She went to bed last night with the biggest smile on her face. She was just so excited about turning 8. Today, we went to Toys R Us to get a few gifts for her, and then to Celebrity Bakery for a cookie and a cake. Then, it was back home to light the candles on her cake and blow them out. Brooke and Kamryn hadn't seen anything like this before, so they were pretty intrigued by the whole thing. Brooke hadn't had a nap all day hardly, so she's in the zone. Kamryn just woke up, so she's well... in the zone... Below are pictures.

So, after the babies ate, we had to put them in their jammies. I pulled Brooke's shirt over her head and left it there, and oh my goodness, she looked like a little chiquita banana girl. Hollie and I were laughing so hard. We had to take her picture.

So, of course we had to do the same thing with Kamryn! Check out the drool machine!

Other big news for Brooke is, she has her two bottom teeth! Yeah! So, now she can bite the spoon when I feed her! Pretty cute!

Hollie's official birthday party is in a few weeks with all of her friends, so we'll be sure to take lots of pictures then too. AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Love to all!



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