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>> Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hi everyone. Well, it's been a very busy past couple of weeks. With Hollie starting school and all of her after school activities, and then the twins, I feel like I'm being pulled in all different directions. I'm LOVING staying at home with the girls. I love walking Hollie to school every day, and picking her up in the car pool lane. Brooke and Kamryn are usually fed up with sitting in a non-moving car (engine still running of course) in the car pool lane, by the time we get Hollie, but it's still fun. I just love to see the look on Hollie's face when she sees me. It's the best reward ever!!!

We took Kamryn to see the surgeon today for a routine checkup. He was very impressed with her and how well she's doing. He said the scar looks like it's healing very well. He was very happy with her progress and doesn't see a need for any follow up appointments or x-rays for CDH in the future as long as we continue to have no issues. We just see the pediatrician from here on out like we do with Brooke. We were both so pleased to hear that and just feel incredibly blessed to be able to put all of this behind us. We know that with a patch Kamryn will always have a higher possibility of re-herniation, but he didn't use Gore-tex so this new type of patch should grow with her better. We both firmly believe that the lack of any CDH related feeding issues is due to this amazing surgeon. He truly is a remarkable and treated Kamryn just like she was his own child and we are fortunate to have found him. The whole time Dr. Megison was talking, Kamryn was just laying down looking up at him laughing and cooing. It was so cute. We then took her downstairs for x-rays. That was hard, because Shawn and I both had to hold her down for two different images. She was so happy up until that point. She HATED the x-rays. But, it didn't last long, and she was back to her chipper self. Dr. Megison emailed Shawn just a couple hours later and said Kamryn's heart has shifted to the left like we wanted, her lung has filled up the empty space completely in her chest, and all the fluid is gone. Everything else is exactly where it is supposed to be so she got an A+ on her images! We were also able to get some more pictures of the day Kamryn was discharged and just had to post this one. This is one of her primary nurses, Tamara, holding her before we left.
Attached is a video of the girls. I've titled it "We're All Sisters". You'll understand why when you watch it. Hollie is just so proud to be a big sister. It also shows how awesome of a big sister she is. She helps me out so much with both girls. Brooke is just in her bouncer chillin', and Hollie gets Kamryn out of the swing and sits down with Brooke and plays with them. The girls love to be held by Hollie. If they are fussy, all Hollie has to do is pick them up and hold them and they stop. They just adore her!!! Oh, and Hollie dressed herself that morning. Like the look?

Kamryn is close to rolling over from front to back. The twins are really starting to become aware of each other. When they are laying down beside each other, they will sometimes lock arms. It's really cute. My nights are 10 times better. My sister in law introduced me to these blankets called the Miracle Blankets. They are swaddling blankets that literally wrap around them a gazillion times. Last night, they slept through the night. 10 hours!!!! I'm such a happy camper!!! Anyway, that's all for now. Enjoy the video. They are fun to make and a lot more fun to watch!

I will post another video of Hollie tomorrow or within the next few days, along with more pictures.

Love, Stef


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