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>> Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Just wanted to touch base out there and post a few pics of the girls.  Kamryn has made a 100% complete recovery, and is my little firecracker as usual!  She is very vocal and opinionated, but she's still a mama's girl.  Brooke, is pretty quiet and reserved, but has no problem meeting new people.  Hollie is about to finish 4th grade.  I can't believe she's about to be a 5th grader.  She's very active in Softball and Volleyball.  She's going to have a busy summer this year with camps, etc.  I'm also going to get the twins in gymnastics this Summer.  I can't wait.  They will love it.  Here are a few pics....


Kamryn swimming

New big girl beds!

Trip to Kingsland last weekend


Easter 2012

Brooke swimming

I also wanted to bring your attention to a new CDH baby to be born soon in Dallas.  The parents names are Casey and James.  Their baby's name is Wyatt.  They contacted us last night thanks to Dr. Zaretsky, which prompted me to update our blog a little bit.  Anyway, Casey is due in about 2 months, and naturally scared!  Please pray for this sweet family.  Pray for no ECMO!  Pray for liver to be down.  Pray for healing!  Pray for understanding for the parents.  Pray for the doctors!  Pray for God's will!  Here is a link to their blog.  So sweet!   http://familydavises.blogspot.com/

I'm so sorry that I've been so bad about updating our blog.  The girls have been keeping me busy.  We are going non stop all the time.  They are going to be turning 3 in 2 weeks.  So hard to believe.  You better believe I will post pictures from their party.  We will be throwing it down!!! 

That's all for now.  Much love to all of you! 



The Cole's June 6, 2012 at 5:56 AM  

Thanks for the update, glad you are all doing so well!

wreeves June 28, 2012 at 12:58 PM  

I tried finding a "contact me" button on your blog but couldnt find it. So I thought I would comment first. My name is Whitney and I am 24 weeks pregnant. At 21 weeks my baby girl was diagnosed with CDH. I live 11 hours from Houston but feel like thats where I need to be. I read that your baby was treated there and was wondering if you would be willing to talk to me about that. My email is whitneyreeves@hotmail.com if you would like to email me. I would really appreciate any information.
Thank you!


The Griffin Family October 13, 2012 at 12:15 AM  

Hi old friends... I haven't looked at the blog world in so very long. I am grateful your whole family is well! I was surprised to see that Kamryn re herniated! So glad she is doing okay now. Our Max reherniated as well, at 13 mos old! All the rare occurrences head our way, right?!

Makes me happy to see their smiling faces.

Claire griffin

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