This Must Be a Dream

>> Monday, October 27, 2008

I decide to test and get it over with. Shawn and Hollie get back from soccer practice that evening, and I tell him that it’s now or never… I go in the bathroom, do my deed, and before I’m even out of the bathroom door, its turning POSITIVE right away. Two lines! It’s what I’ve always wanted to see. I cry to Shawn. We embrace, laugh and cry. He said we need to give it 5 minutes, like the box says. So, we go in the kitchen and I watch him as he finishes dinner. Although, I can only stay away from the test for 1 minute. I go back. And the two lines are still there. It took everything we had not to call our friends and family to share our good news. But, we knew that the pregnancy had to be confirmed by my doctor.


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