Crazy weekend!!

>> Monday, April 27, 2009

Well, the weekend started off with Hollie's soccer game at 9:15 on Saturday morning. After I got them ready for the game, and sent them off, I sent myself back to bed. The next thing I knew I woke up to Hollie by my bedside announcing with the biggest, sweetest grin that she scored a goal. She was so proud of herself. I was too! Then, Shawn spent the rest of the early afternoon doing yardwork, while I started getting B and K's room organized. All of a sudden, while I was in the den folding the baby towels, Shawn came inside and told me to go outside with him. He brought me around to the back, and the whole time, he had this look on his face like, "you're not going to like this". I was freaking out. I freaked out even more when I saw the HUGE bee cluster on Hollie's trampoline. The same trampoline that she had been jumping on that morning. Apparently, they travel fast, because they weren't there when she was jumping. I was watching her. The cluster was about 2 feet by 2 feet by 2 feet. It was so big, that it wrapped around underneath the trampoline, and then draped down like a curtain. Shawn called the bee people and they gave him the quote of $100 to get rid of them. More than he was willing to spend of course. Me on the other hand, I told him that it was a great deal, and to just do it. He decided to wait it out, and see if the rain we were supposed to have all weekend make them go away. Well, it didn't start raining until today (Monday).

So we decided to go ahead and go to Target to spend our gift certificate money that we've received at my baby showers. We ended up getting the car seat protectors, clothes hamper, more crib sheets, socks and a few other things. Not too bad. We came back home; bees are still there.

So, yesterday, we woke up, and spent the morning lounging around in bed for a little bit. We finally got out of bed, and went to Babies R Us to spend the rest of that money. We ended up getting both car seats, and a few other necessities. I can't tell you how awesome the gift certificate money is coming in handy. Thank you everyone!!! It's really been so wonderful to have them!

So, we get back from Babies R Us, and I decided to finish getting B & K's room ready. Hollie was so sweet to help me organize the onesies, and hang them up. She really did a good job contributing to making their room special. I even let her decide which baby gets what crib. Again, I want her to feel as big a part of this as possible. She said that if the babies argue about it when they get home, then we can switch. LOL! Well, after a while, Hollie got bored with helping, so I took her position on the floor to finish organizing, etc. I think I spent way too much time on the floor, b/c as I was getting up, I threw my back out. I now understand what it feels like when my husband throws his out. It's the most excrutiating pain I have ever felt. There is nothing I can do to get comfortable. I can't wait for this pain to fade. It's pretty bad. Bubba, from now on, every time your back goes out, I'm at your beck and call. I get it now!!!

So, as Shawn's getting ready for his soccer game last night, he gets a call from the bee people. Shawn actually had them talked down to $50, and they came out on a Sunday to get rid of them. Mama was a happy camper. It was actually really interesting to watch. He just got the whole hive, including the queen and put them in this wooden box. The straggler bees weren't too happy with him, and were swarming him like crazy. Thankfully, he had his bee suit on, and he was protected. I'm happy to say, they are GONE!

So, last night, we are finally asleep. All of a sudden, the dog started barking a weird bark. It was different from someone just walking by the front window. I woke up Shawn and he let Trigger outside, and Hollie came downstairs, coughing like Shawn's never heard her cough before. It alarmed him, and he gave her some cough medicine. For some reason, I guess it was a mother's instinct, but I got up and walked in there to check on her. I noticed her breathing was really shallow, and I could tell that it was hard for her to breathe. The longer this went on, the more freaked out she became and the worse her cough/breathing became. I have heard that Croup coughs sound like seals barking, and that's exactly what it sounded like. I told Shawn we needed to take her to the ER. I was wide awake, and in back pain anyway. It actually feels better to move around, so I offered to take her to the ER, so that Shawn could get some sleep. Thankfully, there weren't any other patients in there and we didn't have to wait long. I was able to calm Hollie down in the car on the way over there, so that made her cough and breathing better. She didn't have a fever either, thank goodness. They confirmed it was Croup, and gave her some medicine, and released us. She's home with me today, and she's actually feeling pretty good. They did say that Croup actually rears its ugly head more so at night, so her cough is just a little raspy. Not really a bark like last night.

That's it for now. We have an OB appt. Wednesday morning, and I think we're going to try to talk about an actual induction date. At least, if not this week, then we will next week with our MFM, Dr. Zaretsky next week. Will continue to keep everyone updated.

Much Love,


Jonathan and Sarah April 27, 2009 at 1:22 PM  

Your daughter sounds so sweet! I hope she feels better soon (not to mention your back feeling better soon too!) :)

Tracy Meats April 27, 2009 at 1:26 PM  

What a busy "bee" weekend!! That did not sound like fun with the bees taking home in your backyard. Glad you got them moved! I am sorry to hear that Hollie is not feeling well and hope she feels better soon after being on the meds. Hope she has a good day. How fun to get some more things for the girls this weekend!! Hollie sure is going to enjoy being a big sister. That is not good about your back Stephanie, hope it feels better soon and the pain fades! I hope you have a good OB appt. this week and it will be nice for you both to have a "goal date" in mind for the girls.

Many prayers, Tracy - Ian's mom

Maxton's Mommy April 27, 2009 at 1:30 PM  

We've been thinking of you guys. sorry to hear about Hollie. Hope she gets better. :-) I hope you appt. goes good this week!! Thinking of you all

Michael and Elizabeth Reeve April 27, 2009 at 3:15 PM  

Wow.... you have been busy bees....get it???!!

Hope your back starts to feel better soon and Hollie's croup clears up - poor little one!

Looking forward to hearing your date...go for the 8th June ;-)

Love & prayers to you all.

Beth xx

Scott Nelson April 28, 2009 at 12:17 PM  

I am concerned that after a long weekend of working hard, and you having a sore back, that your husband wouldn't get out of bed and take Hollie to the emergency room for you. You are the one that needs the rest, not him.

I have thought Long and Hard about this and Shawn needs to step up and make sure you are pampered more.

Worried about you.


Shawn April 28, 2009 at 12:21 PM  

At least this proves that my buddies are checking the blog every now and then :)

Stephanie April 28, 2009 at 1:17 PM  

It's about time someone agrees with me!!!!!


Jaime's World April 28, 2009 at 11:04 PM  

Oh My, you've all had quite a weekend! I am so sorry all of that happened to you! Getting rid of bees is no easy task, that's for sure!
And Stephanie, throwing your back out while pregnant? Poor thing. My back hurt from all of the pressure on my nerves while I was pregnant, from someone who never had back back, it really IS debilitating. Please get your rest!
As for Miss Holly, I hope she's feeling better. Croup stints and yep, it usually comes in the middle of the night. Sometimes having her sit by an open freezer door helps...don't know why cold, dry air is good, but that's what we told parents in the pediatric ER.
Good luck, get some rest from all of your excitement!
Take care,
Love and prayers,

Jaime's World April 28, 2009 at 11:05 PM  

P.S. Congrats on the goal, Hollie, that's AWESOME! We're so proud of you, too!
-Sheryl & Tom

Chanda D Brady April 29, 2009 at 2:35 PM  

can you believe that I actually wrote an entire paragraph, wasn't signed in and now have to write again?! Frustrating!
Anywho, Hollie sounds like quite the helper. I certainly hope that nasty cough goes away. I remember croup from when my son was little and it sounded just awful.
Also, how exciting to be at the point where you can pick an actual date to be induced. You can get a game plan and get the ball rolling. I'm not sure how well the plan works out but hey, you're meeting your babies and how cool is that?!
I've been thinking of ya and sure hope your back feels better! Chanda

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