Pumpkin Patch Pics

>> Sunday, October 24, 2010

Okay, so here are the pumpkin pictures. We had so much fun. When we walked in, they gave us 3 cups of food to feed the animals.

Brooke would have nothing to do with it. In the picture below we were trying to feed the sheep, and she got pretty scared.

Here's Hollie showing her sisters how to do it. She's a pro!

Brooke and Daddy

Kamryn, on the other hand, wanted to feed the animals, pet the animals, and probably would have gone in the pin with the animals if we would have let her. She had NO FEAR when it came to feeding them. She would get so excited if they walked by her or even moved. It was so cute to watch.

Daddy, Brooke and Hollie!

Daddy and the twins!


Brooke was very serious the whole time we were there. She loved walking around the pumpkins and exploring.

Hollie helping Kamryn feed the goats!

See what I mean? She would hold on to the fence, and start bouncing up and down, with the biggest smile on her face. She loved the Longhorn. But, don't get any ideas Longhorn fans... Kamryn's going to be a Red Raider!!!

Mommy and Hollie!

This isn't just any junk either!!!

We had so much fun, and can't wait until next year, when the girls are a little bit older.
They twins are 16 months and completely walking now. For some reason, I can't post videos to the blog. I'm not sure what the deal is, but it just freezes up. But, they are walking pros. Kamryn is very vocal and is saying lots of words. She tries to repeat some of the words that you say. Brooke is just now starting to talk a little more. When you ask her what a cow says, she says, "mmmmm". So cute. But, then when you ask her what a dog says, she gives the same response.
Hollie is doing so well in soccer and volleyball. She's goalie for her soccer team, and is "fearless". She has now come to love the sport, as she is awesome at her new position. And volleyball is going so well. She got 3 serves over the net during yesterday's game. We were all so proud of her. Shawn and I took the twins to the game, so it was hard to watch the entire time. But, from what I saw, she did so well. We were all so proud of her!!!
Until the next post... please pray for Baby Ava.


Tracy Meats November 2, 2010 at 12:03 PM  

It is so neat to hear about the girl's personalities and I love the pumpkin patch pics! They are so adorable. I know I have told you all before, but you have a beautiful family! Hope the girls had fun on Halloween!


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