We met Ava

>> Monday, November 1, 2010

Shawn and I had the pleasure of meeting Ava yesterday. She's doing really well. She had her repair surgery and isn't swelling at all. When we saw her, she was resting comfortably. She opened her eyes for us, just enough to tell us that she knew we were there. She is BEAUTIFUL!!! My friend Allison went with us. We are in Mops together, and she is the Service Team Leader of "Tiny Hopeful Hearts". That is a group that we created to reach out to parents who currently have a newborn admitted to the NICU. We try to raise money so that we can create gift baskets that will cater to the needs of the parents. Allison was sweet enough to bring one of the gift baskets, along with a bible that she marked a few bible verses for Jennifer and Todd to look over. Before Allison left, she got us all in a circle and said the most beautiful prayer. Allison, thank you so much for coming up there with us. I know that Jennifer and Todd are so thankful for you and your warm heart. The prayer was awesome. I'm so proud to be your friend.

Ava looks great. They still don't have a timeline as to when she will be off of ECMO, but she's doing really well. She looks so good, and has a lot of color. Shawn and I left there feeling really good. Jennifer and Todd, look great too. They are tired of course, but are hanging in there. They still need our prayers and positive thoughts.

I will continue to keep everyone posted.

And when I figure out how to get pictures off of my new phone, I'll post Halloween pics as well.



Tracy Meats November 2, 2010 at 12:08 PM  

Praying for Ava! From the picture and being on ECMO, she looks amazing! Praying for strong and stable days for Miss Ava. What a blessing that you and your friend have done by creating Tiny Hopeful Hearts...I hope your gifts from the heart touch many lives. You are an amazing family, reaching out to others in a time of need.

Fight Ava fight!! Hope she can successfully come off of ECMO soon. I love to see doctors doing the repair surgery when a baby is on ECMO and giving that baby every fighting chance for a full recovery.

Much love,
Tracy Meats, Ian's mom

AliciaB November 2, 2010 at 2:19 PM  

I am praying for Ava and her family! It is truly great that you all have reached out to the family. What a blessing you all are!

Love and Prayers!

Sue mom to Emily LCDH 1-22-08 November 3, 2010 at 11:29 PM  

I have just read all about sweet baby Ava. She is beautiful and quite the little fighter, as all of our CDHer's are! I will pray for her and her parents, as well as the medical team taking care of her.

Your girls are getting so big, can't believe they are 16 months already. I remember reading about their impending arrival. Now they are walking, how awesome!

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