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>> Monday, June 28, 2010

Hollie has been so busy this Summer. She's already been to two camps. Currently, she's in Houston visiting Shawn's aunt and uncle. They have done arts and crafts, been down to the beach and collected seashells. Thankfully, there was no oil to report on the beach. Whew!!!

Her friend Rylee happens to be visiting her aunt in Houston as well, so they are supposed to meet up at the zoo on Wednesday. She sounds like she's having so much fun, but I miss her terribly. What am I going to do when she goes off to college???

These three pictures are of her and her friend Rylee. Every day after camp, Rylee came over to play. By Wednesday, they were so bored, so I helped them with a lemonade stand. They made the poster together, and even offered Oreos for 10 cents extra. They made $12+ between the two of them. So cute!

Notice the tip jar!

Hollie and Rylee before Twilight Camp. Twilight Camp is through Brownies. They went from 6:00 to 11:00 in the evening. She was tired every night, and especially in the mornings, but had a blast!!!

Rose, Rylee and Hollie at Twilight Camp. The theme was "Clownin' Around", hence the red nose!

Will post more pictures soon. I'm trying to do better with my blog posts. Hollie will love it that this one was all about HER!

We plan on getting the twin's new pool and swimsuits out this weekend, so I'll be sure to post those pictures asap.

Much love,



Anonymous July 1, 2010 at 7:30 AM  

I feel that Shawn should build you girls a swimming pool in that nice big backyard, so you have a nice place to let the girls swim and sunbath.


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