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>> Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kamryn is making great progress this weekend!  She is up and walking and actually hates being in her bed now.  She is starting to smile and laugh like her old self and she is drinking and eating a little more each day.  They just took her IV out so she is now only connected to her monitor for basic vitals.  We basically have the monitor turned off for most of the day so she will likely be disconnected from everything later today.

The best news of all  is that there is a slight chance we can take her home today.  The decision will be based on how much she can eat for lunch.  She hasn't had many solids over the past couple of days so this will be a big test.  Looks like we will get a grilled cheese sandwich for the test.  If she isn't able to leave today, I am very certain it will be tomorrow!

We are incredibly encouraged by her progress and know her recovery has been helped by all of your thoughts, prayers, and visits over the past few days!  We continue to be amazed and thankful at the incredible circle of family and friends that surrounds us.  We honestly don't have any idea how we could have made it through any of these difficult times without all of you!!

We will try to update everyone tonight or early tomorrow.

Shawn and Stef


reyacono November 13, 2011 at 11:58 AM  

You all are amazing. I will keep my fingers crossed and pray that Kamryn gets to go home today. I mean, who could turn down a grilled cheese sandwich!?

Big hugs to all of you.

Thanks for keeping us posted!


Liz, Rowan, and Finley November 13, 2011 at 3:52 PM  

Praise God! Continued prayers for her to be able to come home soon! Finley reherniated at 4.5 months and it was so hard for me to be back in the hospital again. She has a plug from her initial repair and a larger gortex patch over the everything (she had 2 reherniation holes).

Liz Dooley
Mama to l-CDH survivor Finley 8/12/10

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