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>> Sunday, February 8, 2009

This morning, Hollie woke up with a fever, and a sore throat. I went on to church without them, and Shawn took her to the after hours/weekend doctor. Turns out, she has strep. She hasn't missed one day of school this whole year, but the doctor told Shawn that she HAS to stay home tomorrow. Thankfully, Shawn is staying home with her tomorrow, since I'm taking a day and a half off at the end of the week for the amnio, and to rest. Shawn is also feeling under the weather, so he has been Daddy of the Year all day today, taking care of Hollie, while I was at church and eating lunch with my cousin that I haven't seen in YEARS! Courtney, it was so wonderful to see you. After you left, Hollie said that mommy's cousin is beautiful and she makes the BEST brownies. Thank you! We'll get together soon again!!!

This afternoon, we went to Babies R Us to register. Oh, the drama. I know this isn't Shawn's favorite thing to do, and I could tell that he was really not having a good time. To make things less stressful, I told him we could register for the little things online (bottles, pacifiers, etc.). We moved on over to strollers, and were COMPLETELY overwhelmed. Do we get a double stroller, and just have Brooke in it when we go to the hospital to visit Kamryn? Do we just buy a single stroller, and then when Kamryn comes home, we get a double? We want one where the car seat can detach from the base in the car and then latch into the stroller, but do they make those for twins? If so, do we get one??? These decisions should be fun, but they all seem to be ruled by CDH and numerous scenarios. I got so stressed out, and moved on over to bedding. Well, I hated everything they had on display. Poor Shawn and Hollie found some gliders to sit in, b/c they knew I would take forever to pick something out. But, I took one glance at everything and hated it all. I left the store feeling relieved that we started the registry, but very distraught! I ended up going online and found adorable bedding at Babies R Us.

Tonight, I had the honor of talking to another CDH mom, Jennifer Miller (Audrey's Mom) on the phone. It feels so good to talk to people who have experienced this, especially with older kids at home. She gave me lots of great pointers, and I was taking notes the whole time. And what a coincidence that you live so close and delivered in Dallas. Jennifer, thank you so much for taking time out of your evening to talk with me. I look forward to meeting you in person!!! By the way, check your blog. We're getting an error when we try to open it.

What a weekend this has been! Shawn and I are really starting to realize the magnitude of what we're about to endure. I'm so incredibly thankful to each and everyone of you who has responded, and given me blog addresses of other people who we can talk to. What in the world would we do without the internet???

It's bed time and my mind/body is tired. More soon...

Love, Stephanie


Jenn M February 10, 2009 at 1:20 PM  

All the "normal" pregnancy things are ridiculously tainted when you're diagnosed, I hate that!
It was great talking to you too, I wish we could have met under different circumstances though!

I just checked my blog and it worked fine now, hmmm... Perhaps I just need to update more!!

kmm0305 February 12, 2009 at 8:01 AM  

I just came across your blog from Sophia's blog. After reading your post about talking to Jenn, I know you are in great company to help you navigate CDH! :) She and her family are amazing and AJ is the cutest thing EVER! (Okay, just as cute as my CHD'er) I have a girl who was born with undiagnosed R-CDH 3.5 years ago. Just know that others are here to support you with whatever questions you have. I'll be reading and following your journey!

Leah 8.11.05 R-CDH

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