Brooke is home!!

>> Monday, June 22, 2009

It has been a wonderful day full of many blessings for us. First, Kamryn is doing much better after giving us a bit of a scare. You know there are going to be setbacks along the way, but until the first one happens I don't think you are truly prepared to handle them. We went 5 days of nothing but incredible news exceeding everyone's expectations and then a small setback felt like the world was caving in on us. It was tough last night seeing the other ventilator sitting just outside her door waiting to be used if necessary. I know if it is needed, we have maxed out the other ventilator and risk blowing out her fragile lung tissue. I am happy to report the other vent has not been plugged in and is still sitting there! They have sedated her which I think is great because she seems to be so sensitive to stimulation. Her poor little body needs to focus on one thing and she just isn't good at multitasking yet. This should give her some time to get rid of the excess fluid and allow her lungs to get more developed. We have gone down from 30 to 27 on the peak pressure and her blood work is looking much better. She is still swollen, but she had her eyes open for us this morning.

We had a huge milestone today as we were able to bring Brooke home. It was actually harder than I had anticipated as I felt like I was abandoning my other daughter. The emotions really start to jack with you at times. I rationalized that Kamryn needed her rest, Stef needed to get out of there and so did Brooke. It is just hard to be overly happy about bringing your child home when you know you have left one there. Here is Brooke getting ready to be discharged.

And here is our little girl home with her big sister Hollie.

It's been tough on Hollie because of the ban on children under 12 from the NICU. This is the first time Hollie has really seen her sister so it was fun to watch her with Brooke. She feels like such a big girl taking care of her little sister.

Well, basically it was a great day getting Brooke home, we are back on track trending upwards with Kamryn, and Stef is out of the hospital.

I'll have more updates pictures tomorrow!



Elizabeth June 22, 2009 at 6:44 PM  

It isn't normal to leave the hospital without a baby. And Kamryn is in excellent hands - you both know this! Holly is going to be the best big sister!

Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers - hoping that vent stays unplugged! Rest Kamryn.

Anonymous June 22, 2009 at 6:45 PM  

I was so happy to see Hollie with Brooke together. I know it was hard on her that she was not able to be with her baby sisters at the hospital, but she seemed to understand what was going on. You all did a great job of preparing her. Anyway, Her Papa and I were so happy to spend that time with her. She is such a lovely young lady.

We miss you all already. And we are so proud of our Kamryn. She's such a brave little girl. We celebrate her progress each day.

Love to all of you.

Go Kammy Go!!!!

Will talk to you soon.

Love, Mimi and Papa

Tracy Meats June 22, 2009 at 8:02 PM  

Welcome Home Brooke and Stephanie!!! So excited that Brooke got to finally meet Hollie, the picture is beautiful. Praying for sweet Kamryn that she continues fighting and only good days in her future. The picture of her trying to open her eyes tells you that she is fighting and trying to look at her mom and dad. Sweet dreams Kamryn and let your body continue to rest and heal.

Positive energy being sent your way! Tracy

Grammy Gourley June 22, 2009 at 9:52 PM  

Shawn, Stef & Hollie, congratulations on your newest additions! I am sending out prayers for Kamryn's continued improvement, and that her time in NICU is minimized and that she can join Brooke and her new big sister! Hollie looks like she's already taking to the job of big sis like a pro. Warmest regards, Madelyn's Grammy Gourley.

Burt and Christy Michel June 22, 2009 at 10:49 PM  

Congratulations !!! The girls are beautiful. I will be praying that Kamryn is not far behind her sister.

Jaime's World June 22, 2009 at 11:22 PM  

you look beautiful as does big sister Hollie! It is tough being a big sibling of a baby in the NICU. We do not have a ban at our place, but they have a secure check-in where Jared has to have his temperature taken and have a general scan of his health every day. Without it, he can not visit.
We're happy to hear that Brooke is home and that Kamryn is strong and stabilizing, post-op.
As always, we are praying for you and wishing you all the best!

kmm0305 June 23, 2009 at 4:30 AM  

How fun for the sister's to meet--hopefully Kamryn isn't too far behind! :) Our oldest was about 2.5 yrs when Leah was born and kids had to be 3 and potty trained to come back to the NICU, so the sisters met through the glass door of the waiting room around 5 weeks. The next time they met was a week later--at home.

Keep getting stronger, Kamryn!

Leah 8.11.05 R-CDH

Kenny and Jennifer Miller June 23, 2009 at 9:01 AM  

Welcome home Stef, Brooke, and Shawn! Stef, you look great, and I LOVE that pic of Hollie with Brooke. She looks like such a proud big sister. Kamryn will be home with you all soon. She is kicking CDH booty!!

Rachel Dominguez June 23, 2009 at 2:11 PM  

Maybe I'm just emotional...but oh my Lord did I cry when seeing these pictures....especially of Hollie and Brooke.

What a blessing it is to bring Brooke home. Dont be sad about leaving Kamryn...she is sooo in the best of hands, and needs this. When she comes home, it will be all about her.

Think about it. If you were a twin...wouldnt you want your own homecoming? I would.
She will have the spotlight and even more when she gets home. I know that will be soon.

I continue to keep you all in my prayers. You have all become a part of me.

YAY BROOKE!!!!! Welcome HOME! I just know sissy will be there soon. She is a strong, strong, fighter!

Love to all!


Anonymous June 23, 2009 at 9:39 PM  

I just want to say that I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to take care of sweet Kamryn. She is in good hands, not to mention God's hands as well! I will keep her and all of you in my thoughts and prayers while off work over the next few days.

Did I mention, all of these pictures and blog are just incredible?!!! Nurse Traci

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