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>> Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hi everyone! I just wanted to send out a quick post. A sweet couple contacted Shawn and I last week, making us aware that their baby girl had just been diagnosed with CDH. Jennifer's almost 38 weeks, and she was just diagnosed a week ago. I can imagine that since they haven't had much time to prepare their minds, they are feeling pretty hopeless and helpless right now. They are going to deliver in the same hospital as we did with the twins, so I know they will have the best care! But, please please please, pray for this sweet couple, and their baby girl Ava. We invited them over for dinner next Tuesday night to help them through this difficult time! The only facts I know right now are that 17% of the liver is up, and the LHR as of last week is a 1.1. They need your prayers and positive thoughts through this difficult time! I will post more information on them as I get it.

Quick update on the twins! They are walking!!! Finally! I have videos of them walking, but for some reason the blog won't let me post them. But, they think they are pretty cool now that they can walk. Kamryn is saying tons of words. Mama, Dada, night night, bye bye, dog, ball, baby, and a few others that I can't understand yet. Brooke on the other hand, isn't talking near as much. She knows Dog, but she says Dah when she says it. But, she says bye bye, mama, dada and that's about it. We aren't going to get concerned yet, although it's quite interesting how Kamryn is advancing a little bit further than Brooke at this point in time. I'll keep you posted.

Thats all for now. Please pray for the Dickersons!!!



Candice and Rob Beal October 10, 2010 at 12:48 AM  

oh i will be praying! let us know when they get a blog! My heart hurts when I hear parents that are about to go through this journey with their much support from so many people out here in the blog world!

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